• Welcoming 2020 New Year, New Spirit

    As the old year retires and a new one is born, we commit into the world to help the people who need us the happenings of the past year is a great memory for us. Many challenges comes but here we are standing stronger. And now 2020 it will be more better year for everyone. 😊

  • Creating Smiles That Mattters Never Stop Smiling!

    Never in our life we stop changing smiles for people. 74 years old. And still strong. Came with many dental problems and lots of missing teeth. The journey was a tough one but we made it. That is what is important. Changing smiles for the best. 😊

  • Author Creating Smiles That Matters

    Buy this book for only MYR50 and part of the cost will go to printing and shipping of the book. The rest will go to charity and to those in need.

  • Dental Clinic Smileway Dental Clinic

    SmileWay Clinic practices are headed by Dr. Jon, the principal and practice owner.
    Visit Smileway USJ | Smileway Setapak


    I always believe putting good positive energy into this world would create the world a better place for everyone. I live this life following this quote, “Believing in Yourself, Practicing Goodness.”.

  • Choices and decisions must be supported by our passion, resolve, and a productive work ethic. If these meet opportunity, our success will finally come. The key is to use our time wisely because our time limited.